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a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children

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The point is, however, that colouring books are essentially a thing best enjoyed by, or with, children.
99 (Batsford) ANOTHER gorgeous offering from this Welsh illustrator, whose blockbuster colouring book currently occupies the No.
Adult colouring books COLOURING-IN is the latest stress-busting trend to catch on, and no wonder - not only does it calm the mind and soothe stressed nerves, it's fantastically nostalgic too.
Then in 2013 I was approached by my now-publishers and asked if I was interested in doing a colouring book.
According to Bell, people complained about making Tsarnaev look like a rock star, adding that the company thought that the terrorist deserved the back cover of a colouring book.
Lily seemed to be transfixed with the colouring book mode, it kept her quiet for nearly two hours as she painted Shaun and friends in pink.
Would anybody be interested in listening to My Colouring Book if she hadn't been a member of Sweden's biggest pop phenomenon?
She immediately put the colouring book behind her back in shock.
Colourful history: Pauline Roberts, a local historian, pictured with her newly-released colouring book for children about the cemetery
My Giant Colouring Book is at the Durham County Council-run gallery until Sunday, April 13.
A special colouring book called Every Day Counts is being issued to nurseries across the city.
Cutlery that look like airplanes, colouring books, pilots' wings and organic delights are just some of the things awaiting passengers aged less than 12 can enjoy on board Air France flights.
WHEN we were little, and being six of us kids, my mam or nana bought us colouring books and crayons.
I used to take colouring books and give them out to the children, but colouring books don't do enough any more.
David, head of communications at TNT Express Services, is the inspiration behind the movement of the giant TNT 'present' that includes colouring books, pens, paper, books, crayons, cuddly toys, T-shirts, football strips, globes and mugs and is due to be flown out of Heathrow to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania this month.