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  • adj

Synonyms for coloured

having color or a certain color

favoring one person or side over another

(used of color) artificially produced

having skin rich in melanin pigments

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Even rarer than white diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds are set to dazzle investors.
Until now little information has been available in the public domain about fancy coloured diamonds, which are so scarce that they make up only 1 in 10,000 carats mined.
Riders of coloured horses and ponies could get a chance to compete in more local society show classes if they support the Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS) North-East region set up over last winter.
The initial idea came from current secretary Frances Scott in Boldon who approached Morpeth coloured horse owner and accountant Carolyn Mouat, the CHAPS national body treasurer.
Unfortunately, the comparison with Coloured people in South Africa is not so illuminating as scholars might hope.