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the normal ability to see colors

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In Steward and Cole's survey, the most frequently reported difficulty by individuals with a colour vision deficiency was:
The description of physical signs of illness in photographs by physicians with abnormal colour vision.
1 To have a normal colour vision, the human visual system compares and matches various lights responses to cone.
Achromatopsia is the most severe kind of colour vision defect (Adams et al.
Our study dwells deeply into assessing the aberrations of light perception namely colour vision in a select group of diabetes mellitus type II (NIDDM) who showed no evidence of early background retinopathy.
According to researchers, it will be great if acquired colour vision impairment can be a harbinger of future hypertension-related complications.
The study also can't prove high blood pressure caused impairments in colour vision.
The aim of this study was to ascertain the prevailing colour vision defects in patients with diabetes mellitus, the correlation between duration of diabetes, macular thickness on OCT and colour vision.
Summary: A colour vision study of the UAE's Emirati diabetic population shows that colour blindness is not only a black and white issue.
Significant colour vision defects were revealed in the vast majority of the Emirati population that was tested in a study that included locals with and without diabetes, according to a report.
For people with damaged eyesight repairing the cones is most important because it would restore day-time colour vision," he added.
John Oxx's stayer was the 2-1 favourite to exact his revenge on Godolphin's Colour Vision, who had beaten him into third at Royal Ascot but had to carry a penalty for that Group One triumph.
15pm) will revolve around Gold Cup rivals Colour Vision and SADDLER'S ROCK.
COLOUR Vision held off fellow Godolphin runner Opinion Poll to take top honours in the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot under Frankie Dettori.
COLOUR Vision and Frankie Dettori survived a stewards' inquiry as they held off fellow Godolphin runner Opinion Poll to take top honours in the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot.