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the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism

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Each cone has a particular sensitivity for blue, green or red, and less to the rest of the colour spectrum.
As brown hair is lightened it goes through a colour spectrum - from brown to red to blonde.
Tenders are invited for Non Skid Monolithic Floor Kote Polymerized Floor Topping Compound, Colour Spectrum Green.
If we want to see the full colour spectrum, we have to buy halogen light bulbs which end up costing 10 times more, and need to be imported from China.
Violet and orange were at the end of the colour spectrum.
The booklet showcases a vibrant selection of 11 dahlia varieties from across the colour spectrum, from deep burgundy through to pale cream.
Make-up artist Claire went for a striking make-up look: `Karen's skin is a lovely warm, creamy colour, so I'm opting for orangey tones - the direct opposite to blue on the colour spectrum, which will really emphasise Karen's fantastic aquamarine eyes.
Dip into opposite sides of the colour spectrum to find shades that contrast, yet complement each other.