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system using colors to designate classifications

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Populating this new app with specific constraints and requirements during a site visit by Vikan's professional team produces a visual picture of the factory divided into distinct zones and promptly provides a plan for colour coding the premises and a list of cleaning tools for use by both production staff and purchasing departments.
Visual colour coding both ensures operatives use the correct equipment for each area as well as motivating hygienic behaviour and hence cleaner facilities.
As the retail giant presses ahead with this scheme, it is also liaising with organisations such as the BFFF and the UK Association of Frozen Food Producers who are now exploring whether the whole industry should adopt a colour coding system.
Remember how retailers adopted different colour coding schemes for their milk lines in the 1980s and early 1990s?
Food production plant managers seeking to implement a simple, cost effective colour coding programme to improve their hygiene should take advantage of Vikan's Colour Coding Programme.
The new design and colour coding is also on the outer packaging to help retailers identify the products easily.
Managers of food production plants wanting to maximise hygiene and minimise the risk of cross contamination should take advantage of Vikan's new web based Colour Coding Application.