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The technology moves away from traditional 'daltonization' of images, where hard to distinguish colours are substituted for others which a colour blind person can see more clearly.
Bob, 66, said: "I know it probably does sound quite odd to hear that an artist is colour blind but I'm speaking out about it now to show other people that if you want something badly enough, then you can overcome whatever challenges you might face.
Colour matters and Lynn quickly realised this and put the wheels into motion to ensure my son or any other colour blind child who attends the school will never be discriminated against.
5 per cent of females are colour blind in some way or another.
Yesterday's launch of Colour Blind Angela Walker, Liverpool''s Fabio Aurelio, and Gee Walker, at Anfield
Alan Carr looked like a colour blind geography teacher on his show, with his awful red trousers and blazer with huge elbow patches.
It doesn't matter that the zebra's stripes are black and white because the zebra's main predator, the lion, is colour blind.
I am myself deeply colour blind, and what follows should be indulged as the thoughts, or perhaps ravings, of a fairly mild maniac.
Q Can children become colour blind and how soon can you tell?
They have poor sight and are colour blind, but have highly-tuned senses of smell and taste.
It is estimated that 1 in 12 males is colour blind and yet many websites use colour combinations that make it very difficult for colour blind people to see and understand.
The technique could at best only restore limited vision, and patients would still be colour blind.
NHer TV appearances include roles in Byker Grove, Colour Blind, The Tide Of Life, The Royal, Casualty and Our Friends In The North.
CATHERINE COOKSON, COLOUR BLIND Drama, 9pm Catherine Cookson's Colour Blind is a gritty period drama set during World War I from the pen of the best-selling author.
IN last week's appeal for readers to help out with a forthcoming documentary I'm doing for Radio Scotland, I mentioned that eight per cent of Scottish men are colour blind.