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a digestible substance used to give color to food

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She also believes that it is important to increase awareness concerning the consumption of food colour additives and their negative health impacts through educational programmes targeted at parents as well as children.
In her capstone project entitled The Southampton 6 and Hyperactivity: A food retailer and lunchbox audit, she looked at six colour additives, known as the Southampton 6, found in crisps, fizzy drinks and sweets.
Her study also looked at how much of these additives children were consuming because colour additives are mainly found in childrenAEs snacks and drinks.
A Zayed University student takes a look at potentially harmful colour additives in childrenAEs snacks
Research has linked colour additives to hyperactivity as well as respiratory, skin, gastrointestinal, and neurological symptoms.
Every country has its own food colour additive regulations, which is why acceptable colour additives vary greatly based on government legislation and standards of what ingredients companies could include in their products, Latifa said.
Not all countries are convinced of the health dangers that colour additives pose despite new legislation in the UK and EU to restrict or ban them.
So the other azo dyes also became suspects and one by one they have been weeded out of the list of acceptable food colour additives.
Volume 2, with the general title Food composition, covers baking chemicals, distilled liquors, malt beverages, wines, non alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea, cacao bean, cereal foods, dairy products, eggs and egg products, fish and other marine products, fruits and fruit products, gelatin - dessert preparations, meat and meat products, natural poisons, nuts and nut products, vegetable products - processed, oils and fats, flavours, colour additives, food additives - direct, food additives - indirect, spices and other condiments, sugars and sugar products, and vitamins.
Thus, they are listed according to their US approved status - colour additives subject to certification, food additives permitted for direct addition to food for human consumption, substances generally recognised as safe, direct food substances affirmed as generally recognized as safe, etc.
Colour additives are used in foods for many reasons.