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a large amphitheater in Rome whose construction was begun by Vespasian about AD 75 or 80

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The Marku Hotel is positioned nearby the Shkodra Lake and has a slightly lower occupancy rate than Colosseo with 60-70 percent of its rooms occupied throughout the year, however, it possesses many of the same strengths, including a good location and cooperation with both foreign and native tourist agencies.
Unlike both Colosseo and Marku, the Rozafa Hotel (being the oldest one since 1972) has plenty of parking space for guests.
As of June 1st 2004 the 4-star Castillo Alcazar and El Andaluz hotels will be joined by the Hotel Colosseo, which features Roman architectural designs and, with its Italianesque facades, conveys the feeling of an Italian town with typical Mediterranean flair.
Among the most spectacular instances of Rome's architectural and historical recycling as it impacts the city's very identity (by giving it a sense of sameness over time) is the Colosseum, whether in the representation of its ancient form--identified with the eternity of both Rome and Giulio Andreotti in Il divo (Viano) and as the place where supporters of "la Roma" soccer team physically and symbolically convene to celebrate victory over "la Lazio" (Ricatti)--or in its modern incarnations: the Ostiense Gazometro depicted in Ozpetek's films (Boylan) and the Colosseo Quadrato, the nickname for the Palazzo della Civilta Italiana at the EUR (Zambenedetti).
Paul Hanagan, whose previous best score was 82 when he was champion apprentice of 2002, reached his target of 100 for this year with his success on Il Colosseo
The joke of course works because "eternity" was one of Andreotti's nicknames, and the Colosseo here functions, as it often does, as synecdoche for the Eternal City.
Unable to reach him, he drives by the Colosseo and sees three men dressed as Roman legionaries.
I've been going to The Colosseo restaurant off St Martin's Lane in London for over 50 years and they always do sole for me - unless it happens to be not very nice and then they say: "Not today, Liz.
The race was less memorable for David Allan, who was suspended for ten days (September 8-17) for failing to ride out Il Colosseo for second place after the Linda Stubbs-trained gelding had been caught in the last stride by Sir Anthony.
On the other hand, the city' s first public space dedicated exclusively to the gay community, "Gay Street," located around the intersection of Piazza del Colosseo and Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, was inaugurated in June of 2007.
Sulla meravigliosa ribalta di Roma, che ha per fondale il Colosseo e per quinte la piu fitta selva d'archi, di colonne e di torri che si conosca, i comprimari spariscono, occorre il primo attore, il tenore di grido.
Also known as the Palazzo della Civilta del Lavoro, and nicknamed Colosseo Quadrato or Groviera (Square Colosseum or Swiss Cheese), (2) the monumental structure is an architectural icon of the simplified neoclassicism heralded by Marcello Piacentini as the style best representing romanita, a philosophy according to which,
He then goes on to discuss the figure of Christ in the verses Luzi wrote for the Via Crucis al Colosseo of 1999, and returns to dichotomies such as tempo/eternita and metamorfosi/continuita in an analysis of Sotto specie umana.