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an ancient city in south western Phrygia in Asia Minor

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Because the memorial of Christ's supper could not take place in the temple or the synagogue, it had to be celebrated in private houses and we know the names of women who were heads of those "house churches": Appiah in Colossae was one, Nympha in Laodicea, Lydia in Thyatira and Phoebe in Cenchraea were others.
Scholars from several countries discuss such topics as the Jewish intra-group politics of Paul's Jerusalem meeting, apostolic identity and the conflicts in Corinth and Galatia, Paul's opponents in Galatia, whether Paul had opponents in Rome and what they were opposing, the opponents at Colossae, and Paul and the imperial cult.
PAUL'S advice to the people at Colossae is relevant to today's society.
Sites include Philippi, Thessaloniki, Alexander's Pella, Athens with Acropolis and Areopagus, Corinth, Cenchreae, Patmos, Samos, Ephesus, Izmir (Smyrna), Pergamon, Akhisar (Thyatira), Sardis, Alasehir (Philadelphia) Laodicea, Colossae, Yalvac, (Antioch in Pisidia), Konya (Iconium), Galatia, Ankara, Istanbul.
To the small city called Colossae in what is now Turkey, Paul wrote at a time when there appears to have been something of the same mix of religious "opportunities" as I have described (see Chapter 2).