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a painter able to achieve special effects with color

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With a total five hosts' ports and the fastest connection in the world, the collaboration delivers robust scalability while maintaining high level performance which and moreover, the editor, colorist, and the sound editors can work on the same project in parallel.
At about the same time, colorist Scott Klein and his team jumped ship from Technicolor to Warner Bros.
Contract notice: Mission landscape urbanist architect colorist council.
Cellulosic Dyeing (Society of Dyers and Colorists, London), 1995.
Here, professional stylists and colorists provide some important tips for those Sisters who are considering a sizzling new shade for 2006.
In cooperation with designers and product developers of OEMs and leading manufacturers of effect pigments, the company's team of colorists has created 36 new special effect colors, ranging from "fresh fruity to subdued cool culminating in delicate lucidity.
Thirty full-page black-and-white illustrations are ready to be brought to life with brilliant colors for colorists of all ages.
Many professional print colorists existed, and their work was valued far more than the uncolored prints.
Most hair colorists are happy to use a product that a customer prefers.
Among those who might disagree are generations of artists for whom draftsmanship and detail were measures of competence, oil painters who had only contempt for water colorists, and photographers who struggled to have their own artistry recognized.
Clairol Professional has introduced an interactive and educational trade show format that allows professional hair colorists to exchange ideas both one-on-one and on the internet.
Her deft rendering of people, places, and customs invites comparison with that of the best American local colorists who have brought national and, in some instances, international attention to little-known regions of the country.
The work formerly handled by the animators and colorists will be outsourced overseas, company officials said.
The company is also looking into the possibility of using nonwoven materials to develop a new line of capes and aprons for hair colorists.
He is in the prime of his career with a proven track record as one of the top five colorists in the country.