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Schelp, Strong edge colorings of graphs, Discrete Mathematica, 159(1996), No.
While it might be impossible to prevent your children from eating anything with artificial dye, you can do your part by shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's--both chains have banned products that use artificial dyes and carry all-natural food coloring for home cooking and baking projects.
The colorings are currently used in a host of products-including ice cream, yogurt, fruit drinks, and candy--giving them a red or purple color.
For example, natural colorings could mean ground-up bugs.
Make instant vanilla pudding according to package directions, color orange with red and yellow food colorings and layer in a parfait or other individual glass with chocolate cookie crumbs and chocolate syrup.
Researchers found that "substantial effects" were detected by parents, and the study concluded that "significant changes in children's hyperactive behavior could he produced by removing colorings and additives from their diet.
Hair colorings contain substances similar to the chemicals in coal tar that cause cancer in laboratory animals.
Thus, under consumer pressure, the use of natural colorings is expanding, while, and in the same time new technical development facilitate their use.
Even bigger increases in iodine intake came in the 1960s, when iodinated additives, sterilizing agents and food colorings began to be used in industrial bread, milk and cereal production.
SUGGESTED VARIATIONS: Add nuts, flavorings or colorings, if desired.
SEATTLE -- Banishing MSG, artificial flavorings, synthetic colorings, nitrites, nitrates and more, Pasta & Co, a Seattle favorite for more than 20 years serving ready-to-eat-or-heat epicurean fare, today announced that it will now offer only pure, additive-free foods.
It urges pharmacists to advise that customers buy lead-free hair colorings, and to stop selling dyes that contain lead.
Hair colorings currently on the market are simple dyes which stain the hair, and often the skin as well, and may weaken the hair follicle.
In 1994 Alon and Kahale exhibited a coloring algorithm and proved its usefulness for finding a k-coloring of graphs drawn from a certain planted-solution distribution over k-colorable graphs.