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a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children

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The coloring books are actually just part of an educational kit the NRA has put together.
This isn't one of those boring, color in the shapes type of coloring books," says Ron.
Lovely Leisure Coloring Books has released a 2 book series 'Colorist's Companion' that fills the desire by many of these enthusiasts to organize and coordinate their coloring pencils, pens and markers.
Really Big Coloring Books are written by educators and industry professionals for children in pre-kindergarten to grade 6.
Nice Tomato was co-founded by Joe and Amanda Linton after years of struggling to find original, non-branded coloring book options for their young daughters.
But whereas coloring books are small, Baxter has an artist's understanding of scale, maintaining his gentle touch in images up to five feet high or wide.
The coloring books are available for distribution from OES upon request and as a free download at www.
The funds were used to support the Fred Strasburg Memorial History Room in the main library and to reprint children's coloring books for the Youth Library.
Beginning today, youth can pick up coloring books with the purchase of a Kids' Club Meal at any V & J Foods BURGER KING(R) restaurant, for as long as supplies last.
Many of the twenty-three collages on view (all works 2000) demonstrated Herrera's penchant for cartoons, coloring books, and other childhood sources; one piece included intersecting violet lines attributable to the hero in the children's classic Harold and the Purple Crayon.
This firm offers a one-of-a-kind product -- ColorPad(R) coloring books for senior adults.
Volunteers had set up a series of stations to hand out candy, coloring books, CDs, fruits and miscellaneous gifts.
A large playroom is filled with cookie-cutter children, appropriated from coloring books, almost all of them girls, engaged in a variety of activities.
com) distributes materials such as textbook covers, coloring books, posters, bookmarks and other educational materials, free of charge, to a BPA International-audited network of over 43,000 public schools, reaching a universe of more than 30 million children in grades K-12.
Turning Harry from his richly worded literary self into a smiling icon of coloring books and lunch boxes was no easy task, according to Day.