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Synonyms for pencil

pencil something or someone in


  • provisionally arrange
  • make a provisional arrangement for
  • arrange tentatively
  • arrange subject to confirmation

Words related to pencil

a thin cylindrical pointed writing implement

graphite (or a similar substance) used in such a way as to be a medium of communication

a figure formed by a set of straight lines or light rays meeting at a point

a cosmetic in a long thin stick

Related Words

write, draw, or trace with a pencil

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MATERIALS * 9" x 12" drawing paper and clear acetate sheet * Graphite and colored pencils * Acrylic paint, paintbrushes * Playing cards (variety)
The article, `Exploring Texture With Colored Pencil,' will include a description of her artistic process as well as descriptions of her inspiration, materials and design process.
Hand out colored pencils for students to use for corrections and modifications to their work.
After the first chapters on materials, tools and reference photography, the book is broken up into six parts: The uses of traditional colored pencils, layering, burnishing and underpainting are followed by sections on water-soluble colored pencils, demonstrations and combined techniques.
Pease, whose artwork has been practically synonymous with colored pencil, started playing with other artistic media again.
Colored Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, Erasers, Rulers, Watercolor Paints and Brushes, Oil Pastels and Erasable Crayons.
The surfaces of his canvases are heavily worked and covered with loopy geometric patterning in colored pencil, which recalls the Bay Area's Dynaton movement of the early 1950s as well as Munch and van Gogh.
art, accomplished in acrylic and colored pencil on board and measuring 28 by 41 inches, was created by artist John Alvin.
Figures and objects fuse in a mad, comic chaos, and crayon and colored pencil, childish and garish, seem to be the perverse mediums of choice.
Sapko's favorite mediums are watercolor, colored pencil, pastels and acrylic, often in combinations.
Squat on the floor, from one vantage it's an open Gal Costa album copied in colored pencil on paper on cardboard.
work on shading and texture techniques using graphite pencils and sticks and colored pencil.
Drawings of flowers and fish, some like botanical illustrations, others in white charcoal or colored pencil on black paper, capture the feel of a quasi-scientific nocturnal environment in a natural-history museum.
Upon completion, students' preliminary skeleton drawings are put onto a piece of 12 x 18" (31 x 46 cm) black construction paper with a white colored pencil.
His entry in the university student category, titled ``My Son,'' combines the traditional medium of colored pencil with the new techniques of computer art to express a simple love for family.