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Synonyms for colored

a United States term for Blacks that is now considered offensive

having color or a certain color

having skin rich in melanin pigments

favoring one person or side over another

(used of color) artificially produced

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African First Baptist had the usual Wednesday night worship and prayer service on Sunday evenings, but they always did things in their own way, in a colored folks way.
Because he ain't no poet who doesn't try his luck with New York, to describe it, defame it, threaten it with a Sodomite destiny, even if he has not seen cruelty's dice, the black tears of colored folks, the muddy feathers of gray pigeons that are good for anything except as symbol for a peace that pours from New York's stony lid.
you'll find a cut of colored folks, contained like pigs-in-pens.
Martin's Press, 2005), tries to turn the old familiar racial stereotypes on their ear, refashioning the ignorant rednecks and proud colored folks.
After a while even the colored folks started coming around to see.
No mutually assured destruction, just one steadv bombing campaign on colored folks by politicians and policy makers from Reagan to Gingrich, with the Democratic Party looking on like some punk-ass U.
In the first section of the story, Davis constantly berates his fellow African Americans for their lack of productivity: "'We colored folks never had no chance ter git nothin' befo' the wah, but ef eve'y nigger in dis town had a tuck keer er his money sence the war, like I has, an' bought as much Ian' as I has, de niggers might'a' got half de lan' by dis time' "(293).
Not only did I supply the colored folks of the town, but also got the trade of the farmers, the croppers and the hands from the outlying country.