Colorado beetle

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black-and-yellow beetle that feeds in adult and larval stages on potato leaves

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I remember thinking that in the unlikely event of it being a Colorado beetle,I couldn't see what the police could do
Eventually,after much prising and cutting, the tub was opened to reveal one very fed up cockchafer, and I explained to the lady that it wasn't a Colorado beetle,but a May bug - although she didn't seem too convinced,and I said that we should release it to let it continue its strange nightly business,after which I handed the obviously disappointed lady her margarine tub back.
I think at this point it would be expedient if I gave a brief description of the Colorado beetle - just in case - so to speak.
Many years ago, there was a big scare regarding the Colorado beetle which though I can remember only vaguely,I would guess to be during the late 1950s or early 1960s,but those of you who can remember so far back will also remember that when you paid a visit to your local post office, you would be reminded of the threat posed by these beetles in the form of a large poster displayed in a prominent position for all to see.
Now,most normal kids are afraid of ``bogeymen'' and things of that ilk,but my wife Val, was a bit different as a child - she was spooked by the sight of the Colorado beetle on the poster in her local post office,and wondered what would happen to her should she ever come across one.
It seems that during the Colorado beetle scare, whichI mentioned earlier, some wag had invented a trick wherein one was led to believe that one was being given an envelope containing a live Colorado beetle.
Imagine your Dad coming home from work and handing you a brown envelope and saying that it contained a live Colorado beetle which he had found living on some potato plants
Last year 48 Colorado beetles, left, which destroy potato crops, were discovered in Ireland on spuds imported from Italy.
WHOLESALERS and retailers throughout the country have been put on alert after Colorado Beetles were found yesterday among potatoes.
The Government is asking food importers, growers, gardeners, traders and consumers to look out for Colorado beetles.
Forty eight Colorado beetles have been found in the past two days in a shipment of Italian potatoes being sold at Dublin's Smithfield Market.
Colorado beetles are believed to have fed originally on wild potatoes in the South American Andes.
The program has remained active to this day despite a number of political missteps such as the 1979 anthrax epidemic in the city of Sverdlovsk, blamed on contaminated meat, and Gen Valentin Yevstigneev's accusation in 1999 that the United States used Colorado beetles as a military tactic to destroy crops.
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