Colorado beetle

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black-and-yellow beetle that feeds in adult and larval stages on potato leaves

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The object of their fears was the Colorado beetle (Doryphora [now Leptinotarsa] decemlineata), a small yellow insect adorned with ten black stripes down its elytra.
In 2001, it was estimated that pounds 270m of potato crops in southern England might be at risk from Colorado beetle and pounds 133m of crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and ornamental plants were at risk from tobacco whitefly.
The adult beetle,A Colorado beetle,an unlikely visitor to these shores and no reason to inform the police
The program has remained active to this day despite a number of political missteps such as the 1979 anthrax epidemic in the city of Sverdlovsk, blamed on contaminated meat, and Gen Valentin Yevstigneev's accusation in 1999 that the United States used Colorado beetles as a military tactic to destroy crops.
I remember a group of us, mothers and children (men were still away due to the war) going through the potato fields - one row to each person - to pick off the Colorado beetles, no sprays in those far off days
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-13 July 2004-Adult Colorado beetles found in Lappeenranta, Finland(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
But we know that it kills Colorado beetles, which are a massive problem in North America .
In the early 1990s, the Department of Agriculture issued an alert when a colony of Colorado beetles turned up at Smithfield market.
The country's Environmental Protection Agency reports the spud is not harmful to small animals or humans who eat it, but will have fatal consequences for Colorado beetles, are a major pest to growers.
Colorado beetles been discovered in four new locations in Finland.
Last year 48 Colorado beetles, left, which destroy potato crops, were discovered in Ireland on spuds imported from Italy.
The discovery of Colorado beetles in Finland has caused concern.
WHOLESALERS and retailers throughout the country have been put on alert after Colorado Beetles were found yesterday among potatoes.
The Government is asking food importers, growers, gardeners, traders and consumers to look out for Colorado beetles.
Forty eight Colorado beetles have been found in the past two days in a shipment of Italian potatoes being sold at Dublin's Smithfield Market.
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