Colorado Desert

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an arid region of southeastern California

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Material and Methods--Our study area was the Colorado Desert subdivision of the Sonoran Desert in southern California.
In the lower Colorado Desert, spiders spin morning webs between the barbs of cholla (called "jumping cactus" for good reason); in the Mojave, desert night lizards perfect the art of being invisible under the fallen bark of Joshua trees.
Vegetation is typical of lower elevations of the Colorado Desert subdivision of the Sonoran Desert, with sandy soils supporting creosote bush (Larrea tridentata), burrobush (Ambrosia dumosa), and Ephedra sp.
Jefferson (District Paleontologist, Colorado Desert District, California State Parks) and Lowell Lindsay (CEO and Publisher, Sunbelt Publications, San Diego, California), Fossil Treasures Of The Anza-Borrego Desert is an impressively informative collection enhanced with over 300 photographs, maps, tables, appendices, illustrations, and diagrams with useful, helpful and informative information on California's awe-inspiring Anza-Borrego State Park.
This outstanding novel tells the story of Thea Kronborg, one of seven children born into poverty in a small Colorado desert town.
In the Colorado Desert, Couch's spadefoot toads (Scaphiopus couchii) burrow underground in September and stay there until it rains the following summer.
Palm Springs, California lies on the western edge of the Coachella Valley, within the Colorado Desert.
One puncture occurred in the middle of the Colorado desert in the USA.
As the late author/environmentalist Edward Abbey said about the Colorado desert, way back in the 1960s: "Enter at your own risk.
Bounded by the Mojave Desert to the north and the Colorado Desert to the south and east, the park is poised on the edge where the ocean's influence breathes its last.
The Coachella Valley is located in southeastern California at the northern end of the Colorado Desert, and is bordered by the Salton Sea to the south and the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north.
In shoulderpad city this week, Fallon Carrington/Colby, played by Pamela Sue Martin, was awaiting news of her brain scan, as oil, money and family rivalries simmered in the Colorado desert.
The species once thrived from the northern end of the Mojave southward into the Colorado Desert of southern California, and eastward into Nevada, northern Arizona, and south western Utah.
Located in Riverside County, approximately 120 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 120 miles northeast of San Diego, Palm Springs is located within the Coachella Valley of the Colorado desert, surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains to the East, and the Santa Rosa Mountains to the South.
We used annual rainfall for the area from the official weather station at Colorado Desert District headquarters, Borrego Springs, California, 38 km south of the study plot.
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