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Neville refers to the modem-day notion of color-blindness as the idea that "race should not and does not matter" (Neville, 2000, p.
Although neither directly espouses the trap of color-blindness, to ignore the role of racial and cultural solidarity in advancing white supremacy is to certainly be privilege-blind.
Huff said that the appropriate protocol for giving the I-test for someone with congenital color-blindness is to give the book of plates to the patient, give the patient some instructions, and give them three seconds to identify the plates; (2) the I-test can also be used to evaluate someone with acquired color blindness.
But Cosby's color-blindness was, arguably, more revolutionary than Gregory's doting on race--a point made time and again when Cosby, in the 1980s, became NBC's biggest moneymaker.
This was a color-blind decision, and the African-American community should tone done its rhetoric and practice color-blindness.
A person high in color-blindness refuses to see the role race plays in everyday social interactions and how that role can dramatically affect outcomes regarding social justice.