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either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments)

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For GPPS, SAN, and PC, the majority of the color reversal occurs within the first month after irradiation.
Table 17: World Current & Future Analysis for Color Reversal
Table 19: World 10-Year Perspective for Color Reversal Films
As a result, there was significant misregistration photographed into the color reversal copies.
This revision of FPDM now includes sections on flat panel measurements such as color reversal and mura, and amplified tutorials.
Changes for the color reversal and Royal Gold film product lines will follow in 2002.
While most reductions affect packaging configurations, Kodachrome 25 color reversal film and Kodak Royal Gold 1000 color negative film will be discontinued this year due to falling demand.
Also debuting at PMA '98 are several new films, including Fujichrome MS 100/1000 Professional, a multi-speed daylight-type color reversal film, available in roll formats, that produces outstanding results from EI 100 to EI 1000.
New Fujichrome 100 ix daylight color reversal film is designed specifically for the advanced amateur photographer who prefers the image quality inherent in transparency slide films, but wants the many advantages of the Advanced Photo System -- including index prints, slide-mount printed data, ix information exchange and mid-roll film change.
Kodak Ektachrome II films -- This new family of consumer color reversal films provides sharp, vivid colors and pleasing fleshtones.
There must be considerable debate among the grouper clan as evidenced from their kaleidoscopic color reversals and posturing before one another during this time.
Here, holding 1 percent dots, and printing full color reversals with 4-point text as well as 2-point monochrome text is commonplace.