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Synonyms for pencil

pencil something or someone in


  • provisionally arrange
  • make a provisional arrangement for
  • arrange tentatively
  • arrange subject to confirmation

Words related to pencil

a thin cylindrical pointed writing implement

graphite (or a similar substance) used in such a way as to be a medium of communication

a figure formed by a set of straight lines or light rays meeting at a point

a cosmetic in a long thin stick

Related Words

write, draw, or trace with a pencil

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New US Subsidiary To Market Line Of Artists' Color Pencils, Black Lead Pencils, Cutting Products, Cases, Portfolios
subsidiary will market a full line of high-quality artists' color pencils and black lead pencils, as well as a complete line of artist cases and portfolios, cutting and sharpening products.
Each set includes a For Dummies instruction book and title-specific art supplies, such as paints, brushes, charcoal drawing pencils, color pencils, a project surface, manikin and palette knife.
Derwent introduces Signature, a special range of highly lightfast color pencils.
Designed with 40 matching color formulations to complement the successful Signature range of color pencils, these richly pigmented water-soluble pencils can be used dry, like conventional colored pencils, washed over with a wet brush or dipped in water to impart a soft flow of color.