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the pictorial representation and manipulation of data by a computer

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The larger memory capacity, higher clock speed and faster video cards make the color graphics animations move faster.
According to the GATF, Computer Color Graphics can help everyone make better decisions and communicate more clearly by understanding the process of using today's graphic software.
The acquisition of Flying Color Graphics continues AGT's strategy of expanding its nationwide facilities coverage to service retail, catalog, publication, specialty and other customers.
PRI continues to serve its traditional market of architects, engineers and contractors with both construction documentation and color graphics services.
NYSE: MWL) announced today that it has signed a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire Color Graphics, located in Atlanta, Georgia.
Plan Will Implement Vertis Merger with American Color Graphics
The Dell Dimension XPS P90 with the new Imagine 128 True Color graphics accelerator is priced starting at $2,899, while the entry-level Dell Dimension XPS P60 with a 1MB of video DRAM, 64-bit card is priced at $1,899.
Eye-catching, full color graphics on signs, windows, banners, vehicles, and even floors bring the client's message to life wherever the buyer is, gaining maximum impact in the competition for attention.
The MX850 expands on this with vivid color graphics, optional signature capture and IP protocol based connectivity options.
Their makeover included signs over the Lutz building entrance and garage door, images of contemporary bathroom and kitchen products on the company's garage door, and full color graphics applied to Lutz's vans.
Viper Pro is the ideal solution for PC power users who demand workstation-like true color graphics and video acceleration," said Bill Wong, vice president of marketing for Diamond.
For example: a "Today's Menu" sign, featuring full color graphics of food service offerings posted at each entrance can help increase traffic in the property's restaurant.
Using full color graphics on a sign creates the highest awareness of all sign categories, according to a 3M(TM) marketing study on visual merchandising," said Lane.
The Indy system also comes standard with a new color graphics system that features the world's fastest X performance, delivering up to 1.
Even more, according to a research study on the power of full color graphics used in signs and graphics.