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system using colors to designate classifications

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This new color coding option enables the ability to view sales totals by zip code using colored circles or charts for symbols.
Although the color coding technique was primarily designed for small-eared pocket mice (Perognathus spp.
Additional color coding effects have been added including more labeling and color shading options for color codes by circles.
COLOR CODING DNA[R] is a Quantum Reaction Theory using a geometric mathematical equation, where X# of points represents the makeup of a subject and each degree of expression within the context of each point is color coded and weighted accordingly.
The same color coding is used in the diagnostic report in Fig.
The Broselow-Luten Color Coding Kids system associates the weight of the pediatric patient to a color.
Here is a sneak preview of what to expect from Peter Parker and Spiderman 4, according to his COLOR CODING DNA[R].
They give you the convenience of color coding and because they are formatted, your productivity increases from the moment you open the box.
Now the same color coding is available for investors' own defined rules and indicators, and not just in charting, but also in a quote grid.
com)-- HEDGE FUND WORKOUT Creator and Behavioral Specialist Greg Herzog uses COLOR CODING DNA[R] technique to help better understand Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio's Principles for success.
The addition of green color coding to the health care cable line is designed to enhance ease of installation and safety.
0 Gold, adds features such as enhanced map zoom and pan detail, pause and resume, fast forward, and color coding for flights to and from multiple nearby airports.
Today we are given the gift by artist Greg Herzog of an insight into Leonardo da Vinci that has never been seen before; through the art of COLOR CODING DNA[R].
Canada and 37 other nations on six continents use color coding in their consumer gasoline markets.
It also offers various unique capabilities, such as Employee Scheduling, Payroll Tracking, Account Color Coding, Dispatch Color Coding, Account/Employee Alerting, and Customizable Management Reporting.