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Synonyms for calibrate



Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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today started shipping Wacom Color Manager, the company's new color calibration solution designed for photographers, designers and other creative professionals who want color accuracy across their workflow.
CHROMACAL, the only commercially available color calibration technology for brightfield microscopy, addresses the critical need for quality assurance standards in digital microscopy imaging.
This clearly demonstrates that a higher standard of color calibration is needed specifically for color medical images to achieve a high level of accuracy.
ChromaCal is the microscopy industry's first color calibration solution to standardize color from image capture through communication.
International Funkausstellung (IFA) -- Datacolor, an internationally known name in color technology, launches its latest and most exciting innovation in color calibration, SpyderTV(TM), at the international consumer electronics fair from 2 - 7 September 2005 in Berlin.
X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, announces a new addition to the ColorMunki family of color calibration solutions - the ColorMunki Smile.
SpectraViewII Color Calibration Solution, which includes software and colorimeter to provide automated monitor matching and calibration for accurate, consistent and repeatable color performance (included with P241W-BK-SV)
SB-BK-SV and DP2070 SB-BK-SV Monitors Improve Professional Graphics Environment Highlights: -- NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display introduces the 19-inch (18-inch viewable) Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB-BK-SV and 22-inch (20-inch viewable) NEC MultiSync FP2141 SB-BK-SV and Mitsubishi Diamond Pro DP2070 SB-BK-SV monitors with superior SpectraView(TM) Color Calibration Solution -- To deliver more accurate, consistent and repeatable color performance, the new kit includes re-attachable hood and patented SpectraView color calibrator and software
Color Calibration Solution for Professional LCD Provides Unparalleled Display Performance in Color-Critical Applications
Color Vision develops and markets software for color calibration of computer monitor and digital color printers.
X-Rite customized its industry-leading PANTONE hueyCOLOR technology for the Lenovo ThinkPad W700, ensuring optimal and consistent color calibration performance.
Now Includes ColorWizard Color Calibration for Enhanced Quality and
This combination creates a great fit for color output environments that have the need for color matching, queue management, color calibration and more control over the color generated.
Mitsubishi's Diamond Match Color Calibration System(TM), which offers pre-set color temperature modes for standard desktop publishing and broadcast video graphics applications as well as a user-definable setting, is also easily accessible through the OSD.
The units will include a colorimeter and SpectraView II color calibration software.