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29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EnChroma -- the company bringing color to the color blind -- and The Clorox Company (NYSE: CLX), today announced a $10,000 gift from Clorox 2 to purchase and distribute EnChroma's glasses to color blind schoolchildren.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- EnChroma C the company bringing color to the color blind C today announced a new line of EnChroma Cx eyewear based on prescription-capable polycarbonate (plastic) lenses that enable color blind athletes, children and others to safely engage in any activity while seeing more color.
No matter in which form the ideology is expressed, the movement's ultimate goal is to alter racial thinking in this country, to promote color blind worldviews, and to ultimately achieve social justice by diluting white power and privilege.
the new racism offers a two-pronged argumentation that, on the one hand, refuses to acknowledge that the issue of race is at the heart of its policymaking (as in welfare cutbacks, tougher crime bills, and anti-immigration legislation) and, on the other hand, offers rationales for policy changes that claim to be color blind (as in the call to end affirmative action and racial gerrymandering)" (7; emphasis mine).
The ministry is seeking to abolish the tests since those who are found to be color blind usually have few problems in their work duties, and also because some employers limit their job vacancies without giving specific reasons.
But in actual social practice, these formal equalities are just that: formalities laid over the substance of a political life and a civil society that are anything but color blind in their actual institutional operations or color-neutral in their projections of cultural norms and codes of conduct.
It will also further the important project of producing a more integrated narrative driven by historical forces - in this case the politics of class development - that were not color blind.
YES When asked, most cops will declare themselves color blind.
When a WebIntegrity "scan" finds non-compliant HTML code it automatically suggests HTML-compliant code that allows screen reading devices the ability to interpret the code and "read" the page to visually impaired or color blind users.
July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EnChroma -- the company bringing color to the color blind -- today announced a partnership with the Newseum to make the organization's exhibits more accessible to people with disabilities.
Also, he appears to be color blind - what color flag is he waiting for?
The term color blind itself is problematic and exemplifies how language at times fails us and masks our true intentions.
While diabetes may be color blind, it's clear that the conditions and environments in which it breeds are not," said American Diabetes Association President Francine R.
para]]- Glasses for the Color Blind Available at Upcoming Exhibit Celebrating Color in the World -[[/para]]
The whole experience taught me to be color blind,'' said Katz, who now lives in Encino.