liquid crystal display

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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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Both instruments have color LCD screens that enable color patches to be shown for each measurement, allowing immediate, intuitive operation.
NEC LCD Technologies will also begin selling another three new amorphous silicon TFT color LCD modules.
Modern Video Intercom systems utilize color LCD monitors by putting them into the intercom device and mounting them within easy reach of the resident.
com,the recognized leader in smart, touch LCDs, announced the immediate availability of the ezLCD-302, an aggressively priced, smart color LCD module with graphics processing unit (GPU) for outdoor and high ambient light environments such as outdoor panel meters, daylight readable human machine interface (HMI) and temperature controllers.
color LCD, storage for 40 mold set-ups, SPC, user-configurable QuickSet screens.
iAudio x5 has a 35-hour battery, 20 GB of memory, music and photo capability, FM tuner, voice recorder, and color LCD screen, $329, by Cowon.
Sharp is a top supplier of camera modules and LCD for cellular phones and is spearheading advancements, such as color LCD and camera functions in cellular phones.
These features include a patented normal force sensor, enhanced software featuring a Visual Method Builder engine and an integral full color LCD touch screen, all of which are said to bring simplicity and flexibility in measuring a wide range of materials, including fluids, gels, soft solids, melts and solids during product development, product formulation and process development.
If you're making a presentation to a small group and want to share the highlights of an event you've recorded in advance or want to tune into the news, check out Sony's GV-S50--a miniature 8mm video cassette recorder (VCR) with a four-inch color LCD screen and a detachable cable-compatible TV tuner pack.
This machine has a large, easy-to-use color LCD touch screen, multimedia capability with a built-in, 2-way USB port for direct connection to a computer.
Applications: High-precision large partsStandard Features: Syscom 2000 touch-panel control with color LCD, swiveling injection unit, injection driven by twin servomotors.
The LH75400 includes CAN support with a grayscale LCD Controller and the LH75401 includes CAN support with a Color LCD Controller.
Arima Display (Taiwan, Republic of China) is a major provider of Color filters (CFs), Color LCD, CSTN LCD panels, and other products.
color LCD display, pop-up screens to guide set-up, and internal memory for 40 mold set-ups.
Keyspan's TuneView for iPod, is a powerful remote with color LCD screen and 2-way RF connectivity that lets you browse and fully control your Apple iPod.