liquid crystal display

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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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color LCD, robot interface, self-diagnostics, closed-loop control of injection speed, holding pressure, screw speed, backpressure.
5 million to expand its high resolution color LCD module (for color STN and TFT Modules) production capacity due to the strong market demand for color LCD modules for cellular phones.
5 color LCD screen for easy editing, color correction and cropping to ensure that every picture looks that best prior to printing.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Parrot, the world's first company to produce Bluetooth(R) car kits, has launched the CK3200 LS-COLOR Advanced Car Kit for drivers who want wireless hands-free phone function with easy-to-read color LCD display.
The 64mmx58mmx20mm dash-mounted color LCD screen displays information including Caller ID for both incoming and outgoing calls, adding Photo ID when photos are programmed into the address portion of either your car kit or phone.
As part of the MonRoi design, the LH75411 offers 32KB of on-chip SRAM, a color LCD controller, and strong custom support through Sharp's extensive software and development tools library.
5" color LCD simplifies browsing and selection of clips, and reduces the requirement for an external field monitor.
Focus Systems' color LCD projectors as the Barco BD300 and BD330.
Additionally, tightly matched output channels provide accurate illumination of up to three LEDs, resulting in uniform backlighting of the color LCD panel.
By integrating the sensor and controller into one package, we are expanding the benefits of color management to the growing array of applications using color LCD screens in smaller consumer electronics.
The product line includes the 1600LC, the lowest-cost color LCD projection panel available, the TVT-3000 active matrix projection panel for multimedia applications, and the 7600WS, the only color LCD projection panel compatible with workstations.
4-in, color LCD, robot interface, self-diagnostics, closed-loop control of injection speed, holding pressure, screw speed, backpressure.
today announced plans to invest $30 million to expand an existing facility in Camas, Washington to produce a start up capacity of 10,000 active-matrix color liquid crystal display (LCD) units per month, as well as to increase production of large-format, passive-matrix color LCD to 10,000 units per month.
Disney Pix Click(TM) Digital Camera: Loaded with many options, this camera features a 1" color LCD screen, VGA digital resolution (640 x 480), stores up to 200 photos, a 2X digital zoom, built-in auto flash, TV output (NTSC/PAL compatible), requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
This aggressively priced, high-quality color LCD fulfills the needs of the vast majority of presenters while adding computerized control and the visual power of electronic presentation.