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Economists say the only thing that can halt the downward spiral is a political solution that takes control of the country's economy out of the hands of Robert Mugabe, the 84-year-old President who has ruled the country since its independence in 1980, when the former British colony of Rhodesia became Zimbabwe.
Born and raised in the country before his family fled to South Africa at the end of the so called "Bush War", which led to the end of white rule in the former British colony of Rhodesia in 1980, Benkenstein has applauded the cricket authorities.
Mugabe, who has ruled the former British colony of Rhodesia since independence in 1980, had indicated in 2004 that he would step down when his current term of office expires.
The former British colony of Rhodesia became independent Zimbabwe in 1980 when its minority leaders were ousted.
There does not seem to be any end to the hunger, deprivation and cruelty that the people of the former British colony of Rhodesia are forced to endure under the leadership of President Mugabe.
Fuller (author of the memoir Don't Let's Go the the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood) grew up in what was then the British colony of Rhodesia, and later emigrated to the United States.
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