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an Australian state in southeastern Australia

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Thomas Mitchell's map of the Colony of New South Wales is pasted diagonally onto the large sheet as a starting point, the map thereafter is completed in manuscript around the coast up to Byron Bay.
23) Many of these problems were addressed in 1834 when An Act to remove Doubts as to the Validity of certain marriages had and Solemnized within the Colony of New South Wales and to regulate the registration of certain Marriages, Baptisms and Burials was enacted.
In Sophie's Exile, Boissery does a good job of portraying life in the penal colony of New South Wales.
In doing so it reflected the changing political and cultural development of the Colony of New South Wales in the period before the gold rushes.
Clem Sargent, The Colonial Garrison 1817-1824; The Northamptonshire Regiment In The Colony Of New South Wales, 1996, Canberra, TCS Publications, pp.
After being cleared he was sent as Colonial Secretary to the Colony of New South Wales.
The British settled the colony of New South Wales where Sydney now stands in 1788, but little was known about the rest of the country - and it had no official name.
Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, with Descriptions of the Recently Explored Region of Australia Felix, and of the Present Colony of New South Wales.
It preserved its control over its acquisitions giving its High Court continued jurisdiction in these overseas territories which were not originally included in the colony of New South Wales.
The second point which is clear is that with the colony of Victoria separating from the colony of New South Wales with effect from 1 July 1851, the NSW government had no authority to make decisions in respect of Victoria from that date.
They give us a vivid picture of life on the Colony of New South Wales at a time critical in its history--the coming of self government in the aftermath of the gold rush.
Subtitled `Australian Soldiers and the Military Police', it covers the history of the provosts from the origins of the Provost Marshal in the colony of New South Wales, through the formation of the Anzac Provost Corps in 1916 and up to the end of WW2.
The Isabella was an ordinary brig on an ordinary voyage back to England from the convict colony of New South Wales via Cape Horn.
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