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Synonyms for counter

Synonyms for counter

to return like for like, especially to return an unfriendly or hostile action with a similar one

to place in opposition or be in opposition to

Synonyms for counter

table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted

game equipment (as a piece of wood, plastic, or ivory) used for keeping a count or reserving a space in various card or board games

a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens

a person who counts things

a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)

(computer science) a register whose contents go through a regular series of states (usually states indicating consecutive integers)

a piece of leather forming the back of a shoe or boot

a return punch (especially by a boxer)

speak in response

Related Words

act in advance of

indicating opposition or resistance


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What makes the new Protos 3 outperform other commercial colony counters is the system's ability to count colonies in seconds and identify microbial species by their colour on chromogenic plates.
The numbers of colonies were counted by means of a colony counter.
2) of Mikrobiologie, Germany with chloramphenicol Petri dishes were incubated in the dark at 22-25oC for 05 days and then colonies were recorded with the help of Colony Counter and result was expressed as colony forming units (CFUs/ml) as:
After incubation, revertant colonies were counted using colony counter.
Schleicher & Schuell GmbH, the filtration company, introduced a truly unique colony counter system that counts bacteria directly from membrane filter paper.
Culturing the bacteria in petri dishes and using a colony counter determined the amount of bacteria.
ProtoCOL RGB is a microbiological colony counter that can automatically differentiate and count colored colonies.
The RODAC plates were incubated at 25 |degrees~ C for 24 to 36 hours, then counted using a Quebec Colony Counter.
Othon was also a director of business development for a bio-tech start-up company that developed a proprietary automated colony counter.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Digital Colony Counter
Scan automatic colony counter software, version V4, provides automatic colony counting on all media and inhibition zones analysis.
With prices ranging from under $1,000 to over $20,000, any lab can find the appropriate automatic colony counter for its needs.
Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated micro-biological systems, is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new software module for the ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counter.
incubator low Temperature deluxe model,Digital Colony Counter,Hot Plate,Heating Mental,Soxhlet Appts,Rotary Evaporator,Tray Dryer,Complete set of sieves for physical analysis of all food grains and oil seeds with shaker,Chemicals, Glasswares
The new aCOLyte 3 is a low-cost automated colony counter, designed for a rapid count of pour, spread and spiral plates.