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Synonyms for colonnade



Synonyms for colonnade

structure consisting of a row of evenly spaced columns

a structure composed of a series of arches supported by columns

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Barnaby, quite unable to think, or to speculate on what would be done with him, had been lulled into a kind of doze by his regular pace; but his stopping roused him; and then he became aware that two men were in conversation under the colonnade, and very near the door of his cell.
Between la Courtille and Saint-Laurent, your eye had already noticed, on the summit of an eminence crouching amid desert plains, a sort of edifice which resembled from a distance a ruined colonnade, mounted upon a basement with its foundation laid bare.
resembles the laws of Minos,--it is called in architecture, "the Messidor"** taste;--the Paris of Napoleon in the Place Vendome: this one is sublime, a column of bronze made of cannons;--the Paris of the Restoration, at the Bourse: a very white colonnade supporting a very smooth frieze; the whole is square and cost twenty millions.
It is true that the architect was at a good deal of trouble to conceal the clock face, which would have destroyed the purity of the fine lines of the façade; but, on the other hand, we have that colonnade which circles round the edifice and under which, on days of high religious ceremony, the theories of the stock-brokers and the courtiers of commerce can be developed so majestically.
Kenge gave me his arm and we went round the corner, under a colonnade, and in at a side door.
Like mice we scampered past the great schoolroom, with its gable snipping a paler sky than ever, and the shadows melting even in the colonnade underneath.
We had a look in the colonnade - I thought I heard him - and that gave us no end of a hunt for nothing.
It is suggested the columns were specifically imported for the construction of colonnades along the main Roman roads of the city.
Located in The Colonnades, a 19th century, Grade I-listed former warehouse building which is also home to Tate Liverpool, the new Costa employs 15 people.
Two of the finest views are the Pier Head group's river frontage, when viewed from the Albert Dock Colonnades and, secondly, the entire Pier Head group when viewed from the south across Canning Dock.
The facades of the 27-story office tower, which are detailed with swags, wreaths, lion heads and frets, are clad in Vermont granite, and defined by Ionic colonnades and Doric columns that recall the Athenian Parthenon.
In twelve large, exquisitely staged, and sumptuously shot tableaux, a motley cast of performers--characters include Columbine, the Lover, the Trickster, an ex-gladiator Strong Man, the Poet, and a little girl--moves through dilapidated tennis courts and nouveau-riche colonnades, poolside bacchanals and sylvan executions on a pilgrimage to the sea.
The main front of St Peter's appears squashed and confused after the magnificence of Bernini's colonnades.
At 27,000 feet, our flight of four jets was surrounded with great colonnades of sunlit cloud--the sky's warm and humid spaces were filled with these vigorous thunderheads whose height and size could only hint at the huge mass of the storm to come.
The Mobil station, opposite the Mission Bell Plaza, includes colonnades, landscaping that cost $55,000, granite-topped counters, indoor and outdoor waiting areas and the three waterfalls standing about six feet high.