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A real struggle -- and not some intellectualized version of a struggle as is often suggested by some Israeli liberals -- is the only way to defeat racist, colonialist regimes.
For that matter the Colonialists thought of ruling the land indirectly in the form of privileging some influential segments of the society.
It's time for the descendants of the colonialist, enslaver criminals to really pay for their past crimes.
The Assembly said that French and British colonialists, who came to Syria under the name of "mandate" and slogans of civilization, were a symbol of desecration, destruction, sedition and fragmentation who sought to distort the Syrian society.
Unfortunately, the epistemology of the concept shames the colonialists and western scholars and for that reason has decided not to give it a prominent space in their writings.
He is known to have fought very bravely against the French and Spanish colonialists.
A defiant Omar al-Bashir told thousands of his supporters gathered in Khartoum on Thursday that Sudan was being targeted by Western powers and that the ICC was a tool of colonialists after Sudan's oil.
Incorporating a combination of primary source observations with engaging secondary narrative, this book is an excellent exploration of the notion of a 'civilised wilderness'--an interesting parallel of the civilising mentality with which colonialists approached the settlement of Australia.
As my dad will tell it, highlife originated in Ghana-it's a name the colonialists came up with because A.
The plant, reportedly released inadvertently by Belgian colonialists in the Congo who brought it to Africa for their gardens, has decreased biodiversity and negatively impacted fishing in East Africa.
Mehta (French and Francophone studies, Mills College, Oakland, California) portrays Arab Muslim women writers as agents of feminist action and social change through their critique of the patriarchal authority of politicians dictators, colonialists, and neo-colonial middlemen; their call for a more secular nationalist sensibility; their use of hybridized diasporic space as a source of creative inspiration; and their identification with pre-Islamic feminine role models.
In my experience, both sides revel in the conflict and we give as good as we get when it comes to summing up our neighbours - arrogant, ignorant, bullying colonialists etc, etc, etc.
Jean Nouvel won the competition to design a museum of the arts and culture of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, enhancing the prestige and visibility of artefacts gathered by anthropologists and colonialists.
It is the early 1960s and a fledging independence movement is stirring, causing the nervous British colonialists who have made the island home to worry about the long-term prospects of their privileged status.