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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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However, the fact that colonial powers built universities and left them for Africans may not be a problem.
But unfortunately, he said, that some agents of colonial powers inside the country were trying to mislead the people and were openly working against Islam.
They are acting exactly like all other colonial powers did toward the locals they conquered during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Indeed, if colonial powers are able to manufacture all these events and developments, then all is left for us is to kneel before them in awe.
Niger's relations with its former colonial power, France, have been damaged by uranium deals.
However, the same is also true, in a sense, in former colonial powers that have not totally adapted themselves to the loss of their colonial empires or zones of influence.
Ahmadi-nejad said justice, freedom and dignity are the rights of all nations, but today the colonial powers are pursuing the same goals of domination the old colonial powers pursued, but doing so under the motto of democracy and human rights.
According to Haddad-Adel, Africa is as a great and important continent that has been under the rule of hegemonic colonial powers for long.
and the former European colonial powers still sucker the natives with games of economic and ideological three-card monte.
She doesn't mention that France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Dutch were all occupying colonial powers in the whole area, and I don't suppose any of those countries are beating themselves up about it.
It was the Arab country of Tunisia that set a precedent for former Western colonial powers being urged to help rescue their alleged former victims from the brutalities of their alleged national heroes.
A paper was presented on the occasion on the mission of historians in shedding light on the historical circumstances the details of which are kept in the archives of colonial powers.
This is a study of 'the ideologies, processes and experiences of imperial and colonial expansion (and ultimately retraction)' and argues that these two movements were 'extremely complex, changed through time, and varied within and between colonial powers, the areas to which they laid claim, and their populations'.
The era of hegemony is over, he underlined, adding that the Iranian nation can successfully fill the gap with the colonial powers round the globe.
AaAa On November 6th, 34 years ago, 350,000 men and women, carrying the Quran and the national flag as their sole arms, marched through the artificial borders set by the colonial powers to free the southern areas and turn into reality the reunification of the Kingdom.
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