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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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Dr Masood Ashraf Raja from Texas University spoke in detail about the discursive methods and power tactics used by the colonial powers for promoting hegemony.
In the 1960s, the big debate would be whether Kenya would be true to the demands of the freedom struggles democracy, freedom, land, prosperity and equality while incorporating a nation out of the diversity of its people that had been divided to allow for minority rule by settlers and the colonial power.
On one hand, there would be the religious alliance, MMA, and on the other hand would be political parties talking of liberalism secularism and the slaves of the colonial powers.
Mohammed al-Shamali said that "Today, Syria is so close to expel Wahabi terrorists sent by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey and backed by the same colonial powers and achieve victory under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.
Their lives were presumably worth less than the lives of the colonial powers.
Back then, the Arab masses were highly enthusiastic about uprooting colonial powers and establishing their own national independent states, especially after the anti-colonial liberation rhetoric had gained a powerful echo in African Arab countries where people's passions were ignited by anti-imperialist nationalist sentiments.
Whether or not the Sykes-Picot Agreement is the main reason for the Middle East's troubles, one thing is certain: The imposition of capriciously drawn borders by colonial powers has not been a uniquely Middle Eastern phenomenon.
You see when Africa's colonial powers began to relinquish political control, they also quickly "exported" their form of university education to train local elite as civil servants who would administratively run African states in the post-colonial period.
This deplorable crime falls within the schemes and plans that target the region and its people, and the sons of Arabism who had preserved their authenticity and legacy in the face of colonial powers that invaded the region," a statement by Amal's politburo read.
Amoli Larijani warned the colonial powers and the reactionary regimes which support the ISIL that such advocacy will backfire on them on the day when the group is annihilated in Iraq and political stability and tranquility is restored to the country.
Summary: Israel's colonization of Arab lands and disproportionate military savagery against Palestinian civilians is a living history lesson on how colonial powers treated the natives as either servants or subversives who had no rights, and dealt with them primarily by repeated shows of force.
Addressing a delegation of religious leaders on Monday he said that the projection given to banned groups has made it clear that 'gifts' worth millions of dollars are showing their colour, the enemies of Islam are afraid of slogans of Shia-Sunni Bhai Bhai (brothers), wherever the colonial powers are sowing the seeds of differences amongst Muslims this slogan is an obstacle before them.
The great depression signalized that the global world system in the power of the European colonial powers ended.
Secondly, despite their alleged fondness for division, the colonial powers did not partition Egypt for example, because it was one political and administrative unit.
Obiang noted that the long history of pre-colonial Africa was not characterized by wars among African peoples, and in the years since colonization, wars have been a result of the division of Africa by colonial powers.
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