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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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It was the Arab country of Tunisia that set a precedent for former Western colonial powers being urged to help rescue their alleged former victims from the brutalities of their alleged national heroes.
Murphy from Colonial Power Group said the town could purchase power cheaper than the rates currently charged by Unitil.
Thus he nearly single-handedly succeeded at making British military and commercial shipping the most likely to "be there" at the right time, securing himself relatively little but making Britain the leading colonial power.
Although she nominates Cook and his cohorts as exemplars of colonial power, she could as well have, depending on availability, settled on hero colonizers of South or East Asia, the Middle East, or Africa.
Now, the clock has been turned back to 1920, when we once occupied Iraq as a colonial power.
Part one offers a general treatment of the nature of cultural symbols and influences among human groups with examples of the relationship of the colonial power to the colonized.
Skillfully describing traditional Korean family structure, and vividly portraying the effects of Japanese rule, Three Generations presents a fierce battle between modern and traditional elements, as well as a chilling portrayal of the ruthlessness with which a colonial power imposed its will upon those under its control.
Unlike European nationalisms where there was a linguistic basis for a national identity that could be used to establish the boundaries of the state, in the colonial world, the boundaries of the state have already been arbitrarily defined by the colonial power.
The first will develop in more detail what is meant by a colonial political rationality and tactics of colonial power, which may be finding their way back to the contemporary metropolis.
The civil war that raged in Rhodesia from 1969-1980 was a horrific conflict that pitted native blacks against colonial power.
These have highlighted tensions between indigenous Fijians and those of Indian extraction, many of whose forebears were brought to the country as indentured labour by Britain, the former colonial power.
While this episode might well reflect Ercilla's own "ambivalence about imperial expansion" (45), it does not seem related to colonial power dynamics.
It is only fitting that the representatives of the Angolan government and UNITA, working with the United Nations, have the support of Portugal, the former colonial power which has itself undergone a remarkable two decades of democratization, and that they have the support of the United States and of Russia, former adversaries who now work together around the globe for peace and prosperity.
These people tended to defy the colonial power of both the English and the Dutch, manipulating the border to their own advantage, namely by using it as an escape route from punishment for headhunting or tax evasion.
This criticism is not a matter of artificially inflating Germany's significance as a colonial power but of working out the meaning of such an exhibition for the current cultural and political context.
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