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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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In the late-19th and early-20th centuries, just as cookbooks became more popular, western Europeans began a new phase of colonial expansion, acquiring new territories throughout much of Africa, and cementing their control over older colonies in Asia and the Americas.
Chapter 2 deals with works relating to the purported spiritual objectives of colonial expansion and contributing to the civilization or barbarism debate; Chapter 3 with those which re-enact the historical events of the Conquest itself, shedding light on the changing political objectives of such dramatizations.
THE DRUG TRADE played an important role in the process of colonial expansion.
More importantly, it examines this history not only from the perspective of the Mandailings but also in terms of how members of various communities negotiated with Mandailing and non-Mandailing groups in their adaptations to a new political and economic environment brought about by British colonial expansion in Perak.
The study begins in the sixteenth-century to mark both the doctrinal split within European Christianity between Catholicism and Protestantism and the early, often religiously justified, period of European colonial expansion.
Historians of North Africa have been equally concerned with the impact of colonial expansion on the colonized and its influence on the social and economic organization of indigenous peoples.
This obsession with physiological difference and racial classification served white supremacy by legitimizing colonial expansion and racial exploitation.
This summary focuses on Native Americans, the principal targets of colonial expansion.
Unlike the English and French, the Spanish made religious conversion of the Indians a spearpoint of colonial expansion.
As part of its colonial expansion, it embarks upon destruction, displacement and deprivation; in compensation, it draws up projects for the international community to fund.
Organized around three Japanese male artists who responded to the political upheavals of the thirties and forties through their representations of the male figure--Fujita Tsuguharu, Yasui Sotaro, and Matsumoto Shunsuke--Kaneko looks at various manifestations of the male figure which were created, consumed, and/or performed by male Japanese oil painters and artists of Yoga (Western style painting) in the context of JapanAEs colonial expansion.
of Cape Town, South Africa) bring together two fields of research in this collection of 15 papers: the history of written culture and the history of European colonial expansion in Africa and the Americas between the 16th and 19th centuries.
The remarkable speed and success of British colonial expansion in the face of Mughal decline concealed a more troubling reality that was characterized by "alarming financial instability and the complex moral problems raised by the admixture of trade with government" (pp.
While Israel continued its colonial expansion in the West Bank, the US-sponsored Annapolis Declaration (November 2007) and failed to improve conditions.
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