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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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The British government was primarily focused on maintaining and even increasing its colonial empire.
A new generation of historians in France has taken up the study of the disreputable side of the French colonial empire, and deconstructed it in an attempt to come to terms with it, in a sort of therapy through the writing of history.
France is in the midst of a crisis over how to absorb the children of immigrants from its former colonial empire.
DR Singer and Professor Langdon have given us an important and timely book (Cultured Force: Makers and Defenders of the French Colonial Empire.
The East African countries -- Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania -- want the treaty revised, describing it as an illegitimate legacy of the old colonial empires.
In Davis's narrative, then, the perpetrators are the colonial empires and their imposition of free market economy.
By the late 1830s and the 1840s, the reiteration of climatic environmentalism by Humboldt and Boussingault was being acted upon by environmentally minded scientists and officials working not just on the islands but on the large land masses of India, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Australia, where the demands of European colonial empires were now bringing about deforestation at an unprecedented speed.
By 1580, through the personal union with Portugal and the alignment of the two Iberian colonial empires, no monarch on earth or in earlier history, other than the Mongol Khans, had ever commanded, however imperfectly, so much real estate.
At Yalta, Roosevelt wanted to break up the European colonial empires, particularly that of the French.
At the same time, the hegemony of the colonial empires was crumbling before the emancipatory struggles of the new nations.
By 1957, nationalism had asserted itself throughout Asia, and the colonial empires there, with the exception of that of the Soviet Union, ceased to exist.
As with other European colonial empires, the French sought markets and materials, labor and investments.
Zeynep Celik examines the way that the Islamic world was represented, either by Muslim nations themselves, or by their colonial masters, agents, or interpreters, at European and to a lesser extent at American universal expositions in the time of European colonial empires and their accompanying cultural attitudes.
Decolonization and its impact; a comparative approach to the end of the colonial empires.
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