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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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France under the Third Republic had recovered from the defeat of 1870 and had even expanded its colonial empire.
Next I spy an apparition looking like some remnant from our African colonial empire - safari suit, flowing white hair, beard and moustache branching off in all directions.
2) The scope and depth of the new emerging agro-imperial expansion into the impoverished countryside of Asian, African and Latin American countries far surpasses that of the earlier colonial empire before the 20th century.
people are to be determined within the Ethiopian colonial empire.
In his work, Jennings states that the French perceived colonial spas as critical for the maintenance of physical health and French identity for men and women directly involved outside of Europe with the French colonial empire.
The last great colonial empire in Africa was Portuguese, and a history of the riverine campaigns fought in its defense between 1961 and 1974 is long overdue.
The French colonial empire was crumbling, with Indo China lost and North Africa soon to follow, so the United States opted to initiate a dangerous game of the Cold War.
With the most scrupulous, balanced judgment and the most exhaustive research Weber has produced a book that defies the usual cliche of being magisterial but proves to be rather a pivot, pilot, and pioneer in the immediate field of the Spanish colonial empire and a compass for the broader historiographical subject of the borderlands in the context of history's empires and of other political constructs.
France is in the midst of a crisis over how to absorb the children of immigrants from its former colonial empire.
It is not serendipitous that the golden age of the freak show coincided with the building of America's colonial empire.
Mexico City served as the center of Spain's colonial empire during the 1500s, but the modern-day metropolis only began to materialize in the late 1930s when a combination of rapid economic growth, population growth, and a considerable rural migration filled the city with people.
History tells us between 1800 and 1878, Europe's total colonial empire consisted of more than 50 percent of the earth's habitable surface.
If African leaders were real men, like President Mugabe, they would all come out of that colonial empire club and focus their energy and minds on the African Union.
The tension between a republican empire in which all were equal citizens and a colonial empire surfaced in the aftermath of victory in the Spanish-American War.
Henry V's soldiers went to war to avenge the insult of a gift of tennis balls, and in The Four Feathers Harry Faversham's friends battled to defend a colonial empire.
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