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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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The growth of colonial empires helped increase Western medical knowledge, as Europe was not the only site of the botany-medicine interaction.
In this sense, it can be considered to have been a symbol of the weakness of the Spanish colonial empire.
We may have lost our colonial empire and our industrial supremacy," he says.
MORE than 50 years after India and Pakistan were created in the partition of the British colonial empire, the disputed region of Kashmir remains a dangerous flash point.
The British pound was the world's reserve currency a century ago as the City of London was the banker to a colonial empire on which the sun never set, even though it has gone into a multi-culti eclipse now that only the Falklands and Gibraltar remain.
Faith in Empire stands out as an important history of French colonialism, characterizing the French colonial empire as a "structure of privilege" similar to the ancien regime French monarchy rather than a "definable republican colonialism" (6-7).
Behind the seemingly calm image of the Netherlands as an island in an ocean of violence, there lurks a sea of contradictions connected to the complex status of the Netherlands as a small power in Europe with a huge colonial empire in Southeast Asia.
It has long been accepted that the end of France's colonial empire was an especially bloody affair that witnessed the two most violent wars of decolonization in Indochina and Algeria.
In the book under review Conrad has discussed the evolution of the German colonial empire from the days when it acquired the Overseas Territories.
Greek Cypriots have voting rights in the UK only because Cyprus was part of the colonial empire, which is now the Commonwealth, but Cypriots do not have the same voting rights in Holland or Germany or Belgium etc.
The British government was primarily focused on maintaining and even increasing its colonial empire.
Nevertheless scholars will welcome Bowersox's work for its contributions to the history of youth and mass culture and how Gentians responded to the demands of a rising colonial empire and the early twentieth-century industrialized world.
Moreover, since the end of the Italian colonial empire coincided with a lost world war and a general upheaval of postfascism, no attention nor energy were devoted to keeping up an Italian cultural presence in former colonies.
She covers the roots of racial discrimination, the place of the colonies and their populations in the Portuguese colonial empire, and representations of the colonies and the overseas Portuguese in the great exhibitions.
Their presence in France, coupled with the intense desire to integrate into mainstream society, serve as painful reminders of the trauma of the Algerian War and the disintegration of the French colonial empire.
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