Gamal Abdel Nasser

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Egyptian statesman who nationalized the Suez Canal (1918-1970)


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Colonel Nasser Muqaileh works as a military intelligence officer in the 4th Military Command in Aden.
This," Colonel Nasser commented "is an excellent demonstration of the genuineness of Ben Gurion's offer of peace talks.
We were indeed meant to nominate a new military chief, but there are still differences and outsiders infiltrated to make the meeting a failure," Colonel Nasser Busnina told AFP.
The man who emerged from the ruck following Farouk's overthrow was the charismatic Colonel Nasser.
A local source has said that children of the CID's Director General Colonel Nasser Mahdi Abdullah discovered the bomb placed by an unknown person in the car of thier father, who immediately informed the security unit and the specialized unit.
Addressing a press conference, Director of Criminal Investigation Department Colonel Nasser al Mahmoud said that the building provides 151 parking lots for special guests and senior staff, 185 parking lots for visitors, including eight for people with special needs.
Muhammadiah trod the path to national liberation and the founding of the non-aligned movement when Marshall Tito, President Sukarno and Colonel Nasser of Egypt seized the leadership of the "third world" in Bandung in 1955.
Iran has started the production of a "Quick Reaction" tank named "Tosan", Head of the self-sufficiency unit of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) ground forces, Colonel Nasser Arab-Beigi said.
Fifty years ago last week, the then Prime Minister Anthony Eden set out to deal with an earlier Middle East crisis by "recapturing" the Suez Canal after it was nationalised by the Egyptian president, Colonel Nasser.
Their arms were supplied by the Ba'athists who intended, if the plot had succeeded, to cut off General Qassim's epaulettes and send them to Colonel Nasser, who, it was claimed, had telegraphed his approval of the plot to Damascus.
Egypt's Colonel Nasser accused the US and Britain of aiding Israel before admitting defeat and accepting a UN cease-fire.
What might she have made of the fact, we may wonder, that in 1956 Colonel Nasser and his fellow Free Officers simultaneously gave women the vote, allowed them to be elected to public office and stamped out all independent feminist activism?
Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Al Maskari, head of the Operations Department at Abu Dhabi Police, urged the public not to hesitate to contact the Operations Room to report any accident at any time of the day.
Colonel Nasser Al-Shatti of Kuwait National Guards said the KNG won Kuwait's transparency and reform awards for 2013 and 2014.
According to Colonel Nasser Rashid Al Zari, Director of Media and Public relations of Ajman Civil Defence, the civil defence was alerted of the incident at 11pm.