George Armstrong Custer

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United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)

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I felt as if I had been suckered into an ambush like Colonel Custer but, unlike him, I did not charge but made my way carefully past them, trying to look like a cow and dropping snippets of conversation: "Morning .
Ball now knows how Colonel Custer felt at the Big Horn.
I no longer slap my hip as I gallop down the road to the pub and have no desire to be Colonel Custer.
The race went to Colonel Custer, one of three runners trained by Roy Brotherton.
The Pearce stable completed a satisfactory day's work when Colonel Custer, ridden by Gary Bardwell, ran out an easy winner of the 12-furlong seller, but this winner will not be returning to Newmarket, having been knocked down for 5,200gns to Paul Stringer.