Colombian peso

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the basic unit of money in Colombia

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This includes a further reduction in total cash cost per ounce to $700 to $750 per ounce, which will benefit from the Segovia cost savings announced in January 2015, further devaluation of the Colombian peso as experienced in the first quarter of 2015 and from the higher grades expected at the Segovia Operations.
At the same time, it has put upward pressure on the value of the Colombian peso, making imported consumer goods more competitive on the local market.
In March 2009, the Colombian peso was trading at 2,500 per dollar.
As part of its Latin America strategy, Fujitsu conducted extensive F53 testing and successfully completed certification of numerous Latin American currencies including the Colombian Peso.
Meanwhile, the Colombian peso has been steadily appreciating amid an oil and mining bonanza that has brought in billions in foreign investment.
78m Colombian peso (pounds 9,000) fine on him, equivalent to 50 times Colombia's minimum wage.
The Colombian peso is under pressure as a result of high foreign investment, the repatriation of money from cocaine sales and Washington's policy of devaluation.
It added its financial performance was in line with its expectations, while its results reported in US dollars would be positively affected by the stronger Colombian peso, South African rand and certain European currencies.
On the day Colombia announced its new capital controls, with the nominal goal of stemming peso appreciation, all the major currencies in Latin America fell against the dollar except one: the Colombian peso.
Recent appreciation of the Colombian peso against the U.
However, the group is being hit by the weakness of various operating currencies such as the Colombian peso, Australian dollar and South African rand, which make raw materials such as barley and aluminium more expensive for local units.
Live trading is now available in Indian Rupee (INR), Brazilian Real (BRL), Chilean Peso (CLP) and Colombian Peso (COP).