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a native or inhabitant of Colombia

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military advisors and 300 civilian personnel to train three counter-narcotics battalions of Colombian soldiers.
Killing Pablo rises to a satisfying climax with the final cat-and-mouse game led by an aging Colombian colonel and his tech-savvy son, who followed Escobar for weeks through Medellin with a makeshift radio-wave tracking device.
A top lieutenant of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the man many say is a direct link with the Colombian guerrillas, Captain Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, was involved in the evacuation.
The Colombian Commission of Jurists reports that for the year 2000 an average of 14 Colombians died daily in combat or were victims of political violence.
Billions more in aid would not suffice to end this conflict, nor even to undertake an eradication program that has any realistic hope of eliminating coca from the 2 million square miles of Colombian soil where it can be grown.
He once had the opportunity to examine some of the Nizam emeralds, and to his trained eye, their rich blue-green color gave away their Colombian origins.
In 1980, the Colombian government entered into a pact with Exxon to extract coal from the Guajira Peninsula.
Using advanced MPEG-4 AVC technology by TANDBERG Television enables us to deliver the highest quality of IPTV entertainment services to our Colombian consumers for the first time.
Hence, women, children, and marginalized ethnic and racial minorities suffer the most from displacement; and humanitarian assistance and aid to transition internally displaced persons (IDPs) into self-sufficient economic activity is far from adequate: a study by the Colombian government's Inspector General's Office and the Ombudsman's Office revealed that just 30 percent of households individually displaced between 1997 and 2004 and 8 percent of families displaced in large groups received emergency assistance.
Paola Castro, a Colombian national and Sponsor Relations Officer at the Qatar Stars League met with the team at their hotel in Doha, and gifted the team a host of Qatar Stars League merchandise.
Drug Enforcement Administration's Cocaine Signature Program in 2013 was of Colombian origin, consistent with previous years.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In January, Ximena Agudelo, a Colombian flower worker at the 'Flores la Esmeralda' farm near Medellin, sent a hand-written letter to Kevin Whitaker, the U.
Bogota, Rabi'II 14, 1435, Feb 14, 2014, SPA -- At least seven people were killed Friday when a gold mine collapsed in the south-western Colombian province of Narino, the Colombian TV network Caracol reported according to dpa.
has been involved with the Colombian coffee industry since its founding in 1971, when the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain began sourcing high quality Colombian coffee beans.