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exports to Colombia include machinery, oil, agricultural products, organic chemicals, and plastic.
Mature, Petrobras first came to Colombia in 1972 but left in 1979 after the sector fell apart, and came back again in 1986.
Colombia has come a long way since 1997, when the Leahy amendment was enacted.
Cocaine violence, combined with endemic poverty, has given Colombia one of the world's highest murder rates.
The lack of security, roads and transport in rural Colombia prevents substantial agricultural trade.
In Venezuela, meanwhile, officials say paramilitary demobilizations have increased gasoline smuggling, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and extortion in states bordering Colombia.
Secretary of State Albright spent a day in Colombia explaining the plan, which includes $600 million to train and equip two anti-drug battalions and at least 60 choppers.
But the mistake we have to avoid in Colombia isn't sending troops into jungle action without full public commitment; the White House and Congress have emphatically declared that troops aren't going south and there's almost no chance that the Colombian end-game will see American soldiers dying in the jungle while flags burn at home.
Unlike victims of those other conflicts, displaced people in Colombia are not readily distinguishable by their ethnicity, language, or religion.
No one outside Colombia has done more to support the U'wa's struggle,'' she said.
Comcel will lose market share to Movistar Colombia and Tigo Colombia over the next five years
After decades of neglect, infrastructure improvement is a hot topic in Colombia, and nowhere is that more evident than in the sixth floor office of the country's Transportation Minister Andres Uriel Gallego.