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small genus of perennial tuberous herbs of tropical Asia: taro

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Preferred were vascular plants such as Carica papaya and Colocasia esculenta, both present in the three sites except in Initao-Libertad Protected Landscape (Fig.
This feature is similar to previous reports with emergent plants employed in CWs such as Phragmites australis, Arabis paniculata, Brasica juncea, Thalium geniculata, Typha latifolia, and Colocasia esculenta (Skinner et al.
In addition to bare root flowers, other popular flower varieties are offered as bulbs and corms including Cannas, Dahlias, Gladiolus, Lilies, Caladium and Colocasia (Elephant Ear).
Likewise, Colocasia esculenta (taro), which is also naturalised and is easy to cultivate, could have been grown in the mountain cirques of the central part of the island during grand marronnage.
We've tried almost all of the starters but my favourite is the patra, made from colocasia leaves rolled with rice flour and spices - a sort of hot, moist and savoury Swiss roll.
Colocasia esculenta was used by the TMPs against malnutrition and anemia.
11) Otoe-ta (= Colocasia esculenta/malanga, taro, quiquisque, tiquisque), planta probablemente originaria de la India.
Petiveria alliacea, Gynerium sagittatum, Vetiveria zizanioides, Colocasia escalenta, Tradescantia sp.
The popular vegetables are brinjal, yam, colocasia ( arbi ) and drumsticks -- and of course okra, which when cooked with tempered yoghurt ( Vendakkai Thair Curry) is quite a stunner.
Around the barrel pond there are pots of colourful cannas, colocasia and arum lily Picasso, the hibiscu1s bluebird flowers profusely, with tithonia 'The Torch', an orange multi-stemmed Mexican sunflower.
y Colocasia sculenta) en medio de cultivo basal MS con distintas concentraciones de manitol, BA y sacarosa sin deterioro fisiologico del material vegetal.
Em estudo de filogenia de diversas especies cultivadas no Brasil, como Gmelina arborea, Colocasia escalenta, Ficus carica, Eucalyptus spp.
Phormium, Cordyline, Musa basjoo (Japanese hardy banana) and Colocasia varieties as well as more familiar types such as Begonia vie for attention.