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Synonyms for collusion


Synonyms for collusion

a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for collusion

secret agreement

agreement on a secret plot


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of collusive pricing, there is neither legal nor practical
111) Posner asserts that information-exchanges "foster collusive pricing both by enabling convergence on a single supracompetitive price and by facilitating detection of, and thereby discouraging, sales below that price.
Since these firms still may have engaged in some form of price setting, there are still questions about how they were able to maintain collusive pricing without formal price leadership.
Posner discusses the courts' and enforcement agencies' inability to determine the existence of collusive pricing, and the two methods used to deal with fixed pricing and oligopoly pricing.
For example, in an extreme case, a joint venture may be a vehicle for blatant horizontal price fixing or other forms of collusive pricing of the products of the joint venture.