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Environmental health professionals have played a key role in ensuring that this type of colloquialism will never occur again through their endeavors in making workplaces safe.
A plus: This site also acknowledges the various nuances of language with a section dedicated to slang and colloquialisms.
One of his pet peeves was reporters and editors who didn't take the time to clarify (or delete) the malapropisms and colloquialisms that occasionally made their way into the reporter's copy.
Changes in languages, dialects, accents, colloquialisms and noise-levels can now all be altered by end users, rather than by software developers.
A significant and informative reference for studying the English language, American English Compendium provides readers with an understanding and history of quotes, common proverbs, slogans aphorisms, colloquialisms, medical terms, acronyms, abbreviations and much more.
A certain maturity is also required to appreciate Felsenfeld's unusual writing style; the text is sprinkled not only with eloquent words such as "detumescence" and "demode," but also with such shocking colloquialisms as "ain't" and "piss.
Writing wry with wit and a clever vocabulary, Odhiambo offers prose that is as in touch with hip-hop's language as it is with British colloquialisms.
Dictionary definitions give a general set of accepted usages of a word, but nuances, subtle variations and colloquialisms may be understood only 'in play'.
ESOL students need more vocabulary-building and more lessons on colloquialisms.
I hope we, in this country, never lose the fascinating accents and colloquialisms for which we are renowned throughout the world.
Every day, North Wales radio listeners or television viewers cringe at the sound of some strange South Wales colloquialisms - just as we want to curl up when we hear leading English politicians and broadcasters talking of such things as ``lore'' and order, administered by the Home ``Seckertry.
Nurses must not only be able to speak English but to understand the colloquialisms.
The word Schrammeln, unlike many other colloquialisms used in the German-speaking word, is not shrouded by any mystery.
A major gripe though, despite the 1920s setting, is the dialogue being littered with modern colloquialisms.
Sophisticated readers may sneer at his use of Southern colloquialisms and manners of speech, but at least they have the virtue of authenticity (as this Southern reviewer can attest).