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As Hamilton took to the podium in front of a sea of tifosi, the colloquial term for Ferrari's fans, there were boos for the 27-year-old Briton, seemingly tempering his joy at taking the chequered flag at a venue he has held in such high esteem.
com will offer a limo deal for a daughters 15's ("quinices: colloquial term for a Hispanic girl's coming of age party").
Even his awkward use of a colloquial term, "hassle", was spot on.
Betting industry leaders quickly pointed out to the department that betting accounts which had not been used for some time, and could be regarded as dormant, were different from 'sleepers', the colloquial term for winning stakes that had not been collected.
What P was a colloquial term for a heavy smog in 1950s London?
Mr McKenna, 22, and his friend, were apprehended by police who, according to him, said they were under arrest for "racist chanting", specifically the use of the colloquial term for an American.
CAIRO: In Egypt, where the colloquial term for any credit card is "visa," it is easy to forget that a host of financial service companies are here, vying for a slice of the market presented by Egypt's recent push toward banking.
The colloquial term for the members of any such boarding party is "hostages".
Green Berets are a colloquial term for which branch of the British forces?
The movie's title comes from the colloquial term given Soviet Jews who applied for an exit visa and then were denied, leading them to be exiled to Siberian labor camps, put into mental hospitals under false pretenses or simply kept under house arrest.
3) A colloquial term used in the 19th century for a child working down a mine.
Said Jim: "Megan's Law is the colloquial term used to describe a number of State laws in the US that require law enforcement authorities to identify what are generally called sex offenders to the public at large through various media, including in certain cases the Internet.
The colloquial term is "turf toe," which sounds benign, unless it's your toe.
They carry shanks made from toothbrushes and they were all after me for money or food, which they think I have lots because I'm bule [an Indonesian colloquial term for a foreigner].
The festival took as it's theme an important but perhaps less wellknown side of the local, and indeed the regional heritage, namely the breeding of livestock, the local colloquial term for which is 'halal'.