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The poet's delight at air "mixed in the main of night" gets expressed in the languages of high-school science texts ("color, odor, taste, gas"), colloquial speech ("the other guys in the atmosphere"), and something akin to a surrealist cut-up ("an ox with less amour is arguably carpe diem").
Addressing these issues of speech and silencing through an oral narrative, Corregidora weaves a pattern out of the blues and colloquial speech.
Nothing dates more in half a century than the mannerisms of colloquial speech, and there are many cut-glass middleclass vowel sounds here you would be hard pressed to find nowadays outside the Royal Family.
Kolatkar delighted in quiet humor, realism, colloquial speech, subtle contrasts of registers, and linguistic invention.
Both have a great ear for the music of colloquial speech at the tawdrier end of society, in Chicago and Dublin respectively.
Sadeq Hedayat's innovational use of the common man as tragic hero, his introduction of colloquial speech into Persian prose, and his sympathetic rendering of characters have justly positioned him as the foremost fiction writer of his age.
It abounds in poetic and linguistic games, puns, parodies of official or colloquial speech, such as the Polonized forms of foreign, mostly English words.
It can easily be said that throughout his abundant poetic production, collected in Todos los poetas son santos (1987; All poets are saints), he has been faithful to a style that bears a touch of colloquial speech yet maintains the precise musical cadence, conceptual rigor, and luminous images that only poetry can express.
Sometimes the translations read as refreshingly akin to unaffected normal colloquial speech, as in "to spend a couple winters there," but I find it a bit of a shock to read of a "Buddhist nun's naked head