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The recognition of the weak education system, which is unable to keep pace with development and the requirements of scientific and technological progress, does not mean that teaching in the colloquial language will solve all the problems or that it will achieve openness towards external files and ensure the students' understanding of the facets of development.
It is clearly a word that first appeared in colloquial language.
The third potentially lethal literary encounter for international writing center students concerns extensive use of vernacular or colloquial language.
optional use outside the colloquial language is more natural than obligatory use outside the colloquial language.
Chinese poet Xin Qiji was known not only for his powerful free lyric style and his skillful use of colloquial language, says Yan, but also for the great political and military thought he extensively demonstrated in his lyrics and his Imperial Memoranda.
Young Bilal chose the verses of an Iraqi poem to put to music, which he sang in standard Arabic, a more difficult tongue to master than the colloquial language of everyday life.
These come from various sources (audio, video, handwritten, typed texts), genres (formal and colloquial language documents), and levels of protection and classification (Unclassified, For Official Use Only, Secret, and Top Secret).
Pitts narrates with crisp enunciation of the colloquial language, and has a measured pacing that allows the listener to pay close attention--a necessity or the meaning will pass by.
But for most of our legislatures there does not exist a codification in current or colloquial language.
The Dejima product portfolio includes a total of 16 granted or pending patents and leverages natural language processing and adaptive agent technologies to allow end users to interact with information sources using common, colloquial language.
Colloquial language as the link between audience and performer has been the modus operandi of the much-heralded British performance group Forced Entertainment since its founding by Etchells and five fellow art and theater students in Sheffield, England, in 1984.
She works in a veg and fish market so to her it is just part of the colloquial language.
The obscurities of literary theory are mercifully avoided, frequently by such witty contemporary reference and colloquial language which bring Shakespeare into the world of today's reader.
colloquial language, not simply employing it, but exploring the linguistic structures, and then expanding on that so that she eventually creates in works like Muse & Drudge a type of poem that not only presents the colloquial surface, but also demonstrates the process by which the colloquial language generates these phrases, which, in fact, represent points of view, ways of seeing .
In the fourteen stories which make up this collection there is an immediacy in Sayle's urban landscapes and his use of colloquial language.