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Similarly, in her work on the history of Australian English, Joy Damousi has argued that etiquette guides and advice literature for middle-class women from the mid-nineteenth century until the 1940s exhorted them to avoid the use of colloquial language at all costs, as did speech training in schools, as it was perceived as too uneducated and vulgar (2010, 111 & 137).
A number of authors (Antaki, 2007; Major & Holmes, 2008; Pudlinski, 2005) have commented on the use of idiomatic and colloquial language by English-speaking health professionals.
This is why the proposal to introduce the colloquial language was perceived as being misplaced.
According to my best understanding of Cuban colloquial language, what Silvestre meant to say was that Benny had the God-given ability to turn Yiri Yiri Bom into an instant hit of gigantic proportions.
And even though it's a Welsh language play, the language they speak is a very contemporary, urban and colloquial language which is very accessible, not only to Welsh learners, but to non-Welsh speakers.
It is also written in the style Precious talks - littered with swearwords, colloquial language and slang.
philosophical digressions dressed down in colloquial language, and a bracing, almost-empty abyss lasting forty pages lies a very intricately crafted and grandly conceived postmodern novel.
Poets who use more traditional, metaphoric language like Italy's Valerio Magrelli, Sweden's Hakan Sandell, and Ireland's Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill are presented alongside those who use a more literal, colloquial language, like Romania's Simona Popescu or Ukrainian poet Yuri Andrukhovych (see WLT, September 2005, 24-32).
Pupils are increasingly communicating through colloquial language in the classroom, with some teachers accepting this as the norm.
VTS even goes beyond traditional automated speech software to recognize colloquial language, dialects and accents.
If colloquial language that refers to intentional states is not allowed, then what technical terms should be used?
Accents and colloquial language can, of course, be a problem.
The poet's enthusiasm for wordplay and his exuberant use of both learned and colloquial language show he was an optimist, despite the real and repeated hardships in his personal and professional life.
First up was young comedian Chris Ramsey and his use of colloquial language during his various sketches elicited large laughs from the crowd.