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This is the case of adversative get-passives, whose high frequency is especially notable in colloquial expressions, such as get kicked (out), muddled (up), nicked, pissed, sacked and whacked; other informal examples recorded in the corpus include get bobbed down, bumped off, busted, chased away, fired, knocked out, mixed up, pushed around, ripped off and yelled down.
The idea, he says, is to speak with a neutral accent, and to understand nuances such as intonation and rhythm, without using slang, abbreviations and colloquial expressions.
has published Reflections from the Heart: A Collection of Poetic, Idiomatic & Colloquial Expressions by Jan Codling.
There are occasional examples where the soldiers use more colloquial expressions, but their Afrikaans tends to be of a higher register than one would expect of their lowly status.
Occasionally, he introduces colloquial expressions such as "Zhilong goes legit" (p.
The English translation is meticulously crafted, and colloquial expressions are adapted in a way that is comfortable for the American reader.
The book is full of nuggets of information and insights that allow for a more profound view of the impact of music videos, if not generically then in specific practices and colloquial expressions of sexuality.
He drew on extensive research into soldiers' letters and diaries for the book, which is chockfull of marvelous anecdotes, humorous tales, colloquial expressions, and charming and creative orthography.
She titles the works based on colloquial expressions pertaining to fabric, ceremonies with cloth and names of textiles such as akwa.
This is exactly right: the colloquial expressions and the upward inflection let alone a degree of self-deprecation.
As a further example of colloquial expressions, a group of white-collar workers came in while my wife and I were eating lunch at the counter next to the windows.
It's an unmatched source for checking on possible meanings of colloquial expressions and emerging new words: you are more likely to find CREDIT CRUNCH here than in the OED.
I was also distracted in places by the odd use of English, especially colloquial expressions.
Much of the charm of the Periquillo Sarniento and the pleasure of the reading experience depends on Lizardi's use of colloquial expressions and proverbs.
Rather bizarre and incongruous in an academic register, Georges Kleiber's use of some colloquial expressions in his article on demonstratives (Ice n'est pas une galere' in a footnote (p.