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Synonyms for colonnade



Synonyms for colonnade

structure consisting of a row of evenly spaced columns

a structure composed of a series of arches supported by columns

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Now developer British Land plans to build the glass fronted office block, complete with a distinctive collonade entrance and unique, eye catching light mast.
The Collonade & Hair Garden in Glasgow are offering two special pampering packages that will do just that.
It is far more suitable than our previous office in Victoria Collonade, has more space, is compliant with the requirements of the disabilities discrimination act and has room for future growth.
Old and new spaces are cleverly related by removing the north external wall of the old swimming hall and exposing the skeleton as a sort of delicate collonade, or rather pergola, between the two spaces.
The collonade is made of palest green bowenite, enclosing a pale pink enamel Egg with a silver-gilt cupid representing the Tsarevitch surmounting it, while four silver-gilt cherubs representing his four sisters surround the base.
The church is set round a dog-leg collonade and cloister, overlooked by a wayward rose window and outdoor pulpit.