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From Ogura and his book (64) we learned about the health benefits of the expensive Collocalia mucin, which has been in use in China for hundreds of years.
In addition, the conventional FTIR method was used in past to identify the quality of EBN from Collocalia esculenta of swiftlet species [1].
Then, Price and his colleagues found a swiftlet in another genus--the pygmy swiftlet, Collocalia troglodytes--sitting on its nest, in complete darkness, about 30 m inside a cave on an island in the Philippines.
For example, in some places in Somalia, people exploit cave-dwelling fish, and in some caves in Mexico, the bat Noctilio leporinus is a major predator of the cave-dwelling Astyanax fasciatus (which lacks eyes and skin pigmentation), while the nest of Collocalia fuciphaga is collected to make "bird's-nest soup.
In Malaysia, mainly two species of swiftlets produce edible nests: Collocalia fuciphaga (producing white nests) and Collocalia maxima (producing black nests).