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United States railroad executive who built the western section of the first United States transcontinental railroad (1821-1900)


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Central Pacific's Collis Huntington and Union Pacific's Thomas Durant, both frustrated and exemplifying the unscrupulous business ethics of the times, visited Washington with enough cash to get congressmen to listen.
No doubt Collis Huntington proved a tough act to follow.
Collis Huntington had shown as much to his nephew decades earlier, what with the checkerboard federal land grants given to help support the transcontinental railroad project.
His most celebrated foray against them was his Hearst-financed battle against Collis Huntington and the railway Funding Bill.
Few did more for Spanish art and culture in New York than Archer Huntington, stepson of the railroad magnate Collis Huntington.
Henry Marquand gave the first Vermeer, the Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, Collis Huntington (in 1900) the second, Woman with a Lute, Altman the third, A Maid Asleep, Friedsam the fourth, the Allegory of the Catholic Faith, and the Wrightsmans (in 1979) the fifth, Study of a Young Woman.