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someone who works in a coal mine

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Here, were the Leith, Aberdeen, and Glasgow steamers, loading and unloading goods, and looking immensely high out of the water as we passed alongside; here, were colliers by the score and score, with the coal-whippers plunging off stages on deck, as counterweights to measures of coal swinging up, which were then rattled over the side into barges; here, at her moorings was to-morrow's steamer for Rotterdam, of which we took good notice; and here to-morrow's for Hamburg, under whose bowsprit we crossed.
It was very cold, and, a collier coming by us, with her galley-fire smoking and flaring, looked like a comfortable home.
Twice Strickland refused a berth on tramps sailing for the United States, and once on a collier going to Newcastle.
Well, anyway, it ain't so many years ago that I came ambling in there on a rusty, foul-bottomed, tramp collier from Australia, forty-three days from land to land.
The growing indignation was voiced from time to time in published protests, of which the last, in 1698, was the over-zealous but powerful 'Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage' by Jeremy Collier, which carried the more weight because the author was not a Puritan but a High-Church bishop and partisan of the Stuarts.
Now, Pa, in the character of owner of a lumbering square-sailed collier, was tacking away to Newcastle, to fetch black diamonds to make his fortune with; now, Pa was going to China in that handsome threemasted ship, to bring home opium, with which he would for ever cut out Chicksey Veneering and Stobbles, and to bring home silks and shawls without end for the decoration of his charming daughter.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading global commercial real estate services firm Colliers International Group Inc.
Colliers International announced the acquisition of Colliers International Atlanta.
SEATTLE, March 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Colliers International, a global leader in commercial real estate services today announced the appointment of marketing executive Christine Schultz as the firm's Global Chief Marketing Officer.
Midlands property developers and retailers gathered at the Brindleyplace headquarters of property consultancy Colliers International for the firm's annual midsummer retail report.
com)-- Colliers International took home the awards in three categories at the 2012 CEE Quality Awards gala.
COLLIERS CRE has changed its name to Colliers International UK.
Louis-based real estate corporation created by four former Colliers International affiliates, has officially launched its new brand, Web site and a national advertising campaign.
Colliers Turley Martin Tucker, AMO, constructed and dedicated a multi-section playground to the Indianapolis Public Schools Key Learning Community in Indianapolis.
That works out to CMN owning roughly 82 percent of Colliers Seeley.